Welcome to the Lemonade Springs website, devoted to the picture book Tom Tom by Rosemary Sullivan and illustrated by Dee Huxley, which was published in October 2008 by Working Title Press. About the Author >>

Tom Tom is the story of a day in the life of a small Aboriginal boy in the imaginary Aboriginal community of Lemonade Springs, in the Northern Territory.

It provides a vivid and authentic illustration of life in an Aboriginal community, and of the ambience of those long, free days of childhood, when Aboriginal children roam from place to place, visiting various relatives, climbing trees, chasing lizards, kicking footballs or playing in the mud.

It is a book about freedom and the interconnected-
ness of family and place.  

Tom Tom provides a rich source of literature-based learning for children. For non-Indigenous students, it provides the opportunity to see the great commonalities that exist between Indigenous children and themselves, and also develop an understanding of the differences which exist in the ways people live.

For Indigenous children, it provides the opportunity to see their own life brought to the page; a chance to see themselves in literature. 


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